To count, or not to count? Depending on the location, that is the question that (current) President Trump is trying to make a reality. In his brazen and baseless attacks on legal and long-standing vote-counting processes, he hopes to gerrymander the situation, shamelessly and dangerously, to his advantage.

This behaviour, parroted by his relatives and political allies and cheered on by supporters, is shocking only if you have not been paying attention. It is behaviour only permissible in a ‘Trumpian’ political culture of mistrust, anger, and ugly aggression that preceded and will long outlive the President who gave it a…

It is an emotional response many of us are used to turning to. You have read a news item that has made your blood boil. It resonates with your very notions of what is right and what is wrong. You turn, as is the way, to social media to share your feelings, thus triggering similar responses in like-minded friends and followers who are equally appalled at the heinous act in the news item in question.

You have, of course, shared news that a politician seems to have called another politician ‘scum’ for refusing to extend support to millions of facing…

Press, as much as Politics, Created #LabourSplit

On Monday morning seven MPs stood together as part of a new movement. A movement was opposed to antisemitism, the ending of freedom of movement, and would not sink to the low levels of accepting payment from Iranian or Russian state broadcasters. Simultaneously, it was a movement populated by “cowards and traitors” that, if you supported, proved you had “no moral compass”.

Leon Neal/Getty Images

The announcement of the #LabourSplit all over social media sparked off the latest round of toxic, binary political media discourse which has become the current British norm. …

British football, apparently, has an issue with racism.

This startled declaration by some of Britain’s leading sports writers — including The Times’s Henry Winter and Matthew Syed — is on the one hand laudable. The swiftness which with the abuse aimed at Raheem Sterling by some Chelsea supporters has been condemned across British sporting and media culture is undeniable. The people involved, caught in pristine, HD-quality by BT Sport’s cameras, will likely face significant punishment. It is possible, therefore, to label the response a success and to move on from a job well done.

Pic/Getty Images

The glaring issue, however, is just…

Chris Shoop-Worrall

Historian of British Popular Press, Politics and Culture | Lecturer in Media @ucfbuk | PhD @sheffjournalism | Married @sshoopworrall | Views my own

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